About us

Vulcanair was established in 1996 with private capital with the aim of becoming a respected General Aviation manufacturer worldwide.

Between 1996 and 1998 Vulcanair purchased all the assets, type designs, trademarks and rights of Partenavia and the SF600 Series Program including type certificates, tooling and rights from Siai Marchetti.

Established in 1957, Partenavia is credited for being one of the structural pillars of the Italian excellence in General Aviation, and its aircraft have global penetration in the General Aviation markets worldwide.

Vulcanair Aircraft has harnessed the great Partenavia and Siai Marchetti (SF600 Program) heritages with the dynamic addition of modern tools, a modern organization and a world-class engineering team, enabling a painstaking constant stream of aircraft, design upgrades and improvements.

The results of this effort materialize in Vulcanair’s state-of-the-art, rugged, reliable and versatile aircraft, globally appreciated for their flight characteristics.

Vulcanair Activities

• Aircraft Design
• Aircraft Manufacturing
• Aircraft Maintenance
• Training

Product Line

• V1.0 (single-piston)
• P68C (twin-piston)
• P68C-TC (twin-piston-turbocharged)
• P68R “Vr” (twin-piston-retractable)
• P68 Observer 2 (twin-piston)
• P68TC Observer (twin-piston-turbocharged)
• AP68TP – 300 “Spartacus” (twin-turboprop)
• AP68TP – 600 “A-Viator”(twin-turboprop)

Main Government and Industry Operators (P68 Series)

• Italian State Police
• German Police (Hessen)
• Firefighting Contractors all over Europe and the U.S.A.
• Many U.S.A. States for Law Enforcement and Wildlife Conservation Agencies
• U.S. Department of the Interior
• Tunisian State Police
• International Private and Government Operators
• Oil companies for pipeline patrol
• Aerial Survey companies for advanced digital mapping

Vulcanair Certifications

• Part 21 Design Organization DOA
• Part 21 Production Organization POA
• Part 145 Approved Maintenance Company
• Part 147 Approved Training Company